How My Clients Are Closing 8-10 High Ticket Clients Every Week

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The Online Training Accelerator is the complete online fitness coaching system. For anyone who is serious about being an online fitness coach, this is the only system you need to build the life you’ve always wanted.

Will’s helped hundreds of business professionals create the business they want. This allowed them to create more impact, more time, and ultimately have financial freedom. Wills coaching comes from his vast experience working with hundreds of clients in his own business using what he’s learned to develop a program that will get you results

As I hung up the phone, I knew my life had changed… forever. By just about anyone’s definition I was considered a “successful trainer”. I was booked solid with clients, and had the amount of work most trainers dream of. The problem was I was working 10-12 hours a day and knew that I was maxed out. I only had so much time in a day and I couldn’t possibly fill it with anymore traditional training clients. Even worse, I knew I couldn’t make anymore money or have any more time to spend with my loved ones that I currently had.

Secretly, I was beginning to resent my line of work. You see, I was trapped in the same mindset that cripples most personal trainers. Maybe you can relate. I was convinced the only way to make money was to meet clients in the gym and exchange time for money in a perfect 1 to 1 ratio. This meant I couldn’t ever surpass the $3-$5k a month range. But all that changed with one phone call. A perfect stranger had just agreed to pay me thousands of dollars and I didn’t have to meet him in the gym. I also didn’t have to hold him by the hand during his workout.

I had just figured out a way to make more money, spend less time working, AND I was able to leverage my time to help more people. And the same process I used to land my first coaching client is what I used to land my second, and my third, and my fourth! Before I knew it, I was able to help more people than I ever thought possible. Then it hit me Instead of sitting on this new way to coach clients, what if I taught other coaches how to do th same thing? That’s how Will Nelson Fit was born. Since that time I have helped over [X] students reach (and even surpass) the elusive $10K a month mark while working fewer hours! Think about that for a second. What would it mean to you if you could make 5x the amount of money you’re making now, working with more clients, all while having more time to travel more?

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